FAQ: July 2017 Tariff Variation - Solar Feed-In Tariffs


Is my solar feed-in-tariff changing?

Yes Click Energy will be increasing the retailer funded feed-in tariff for our solar plans from 1 July.


How much more will I get for my solar export?

Click Energy has a range of solar plans with varying feed-in tariffs on offer. View our range of solar plans here 

Is this only for new sign ups?

All existing customers on our solar plans will also benefit from the increased feed-in tariff. You do not have to do anything, the increased feed-in tariff will be automatically applied to your plan from 1 July


What happens to my discount?

The discount on your Click Energy plan will remain as is and will simply apply to the new usage and supply charges as per normal.

How will I know the new FiT has been applied?

If your biling period crosses 1 July you will see 2 line items for your solar export. The export amount up to 30 June will be paid at the previous feed-in tariff while export amounts after 1 July will be credited at the new feed-in tariff.