Working from home heading into winter

Blog Post Sunday 12 April 2020

Working from home heading into winter

Working from home heading into winter

Whether you love or loathe winter, it’s a fact that energy usage rises throughout the cooler months. Heaters, kettles and more time in the house all adds up on your energy bill. And if you happen to work from home, unfortunately you’ll be looking forward to higher bills to pay than normal.

Don’t despair, there are a few things you can begin to put into practice as we head into the cooler months. When you’re working from home, it’s a good idea to nip excessive energy usage in the bud before it shows up on your energy bill. 

Heat only the room you’re in 

If you’re used to a climate-controlled workplace with heating wherever you go, it may be tempting to flick the central heating on to warm up the entire house. If you’re lucky enough to have a separate home office where you can close the door, opt for a room heater instead, making sure to close the door and stop any draughts.

Layer up before using heating

It makes sense to layer clothing, wraps, socks to provide that extra layer of warmth. Even a simple throw blanket over your lap helps. While you’re so focused on your work, you may not even notice the temperature. Warm drinks also help to raise the body temperature, so try a tea or two before reaching for the thermostat. Encourage family members at home to do the same.

Use the sun to heat up the room

Our natural warmer - the sun - still pops in and out throughout autumn, so while you can, open curtains and blinds on sunny days to let in solar heat in daytime and close all curtains and windows at night to contain the heat in your home. The sun streaming through your room can also provide all the light you need to get you through your working day.

Close cooling vents

If you’re working from home in winter, it might be a good idea to close any cooling vents. It’s an often-overlooked fact that warm air escapes through the cooling vents, but luckily most vents have louvres that can be closed. While you’re there, look for any other areas in the room where heat may escape. You’ll find door snakes or window draught seals at your local hardware shop. 

These tips are easy to incorporate in your everyday life, and implementing even just a few of them while working from home throughout winter will make a difference on your energy bill. Check if you are on the best offer and don't hesitate to make the switch to a better value energy plan.

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