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Blog Post Friday 21 April 2017

Winter hacks for energy bill savings

Winter hacks for energy bill savings

The days are getting shorter and the leaves have fallen, which could only mean one thing - winter is nearly upon us. With increased use of heating and lighting also comes the concern about high winter energy bills. Here are some practical tips you can use throughout the colder months to bring those bills down:

Timing is everything

Sometimes an hour makes all the difference. If you already have your heating on a timer, switching it off an hour earlier will reduce your usage. If your home is well insulated the heat should still be retained.

Energy culprits

We are all familiar with how much energy our large appliances use, but what about the others? A digital photo frame that is permanently connected to power, or the gaming consoles on standby power - does your wifi router need to be on when you are out? Everything adds up and in winter, when we know our energy bills will be high, it helps to be just that little bit more diligent.

Slow cookers

Did you know that a slow cooker only uses as much energy as a light bulb?

A great little gadget for winter dishes, you can put all the ingredients in the morning, it will take a long slow cook while you are at work, and you’ll be greeted by warming stews or soups when you get home. Check out some easy recipes here.

Hot water bottles

Do you remember the scene in Gosford Park where all the maids were heating up warming pans to place in their ladies’ beds? Well you don’t need a ladies’ maid these days, just fill a hot water bottle and place it in your bed early in the evening. By the time you’re ready to get in everything will be toasty and warm.

These tips are easy to incorporate in your everyday life, and implementing even just a few of them throughout winter will make a difference on your energy bill. And of course, speak to your energy retailer. We at Click Energy have an easy monthly billing system which spreads the load across 3 months, evening out the peaks and troughs of seasonal energy bills - a great way to reduce winter bill shock. Check if you are on the best offer and don't hesitate to ask if there is a better plan available. 

Keep warm and enjoy the season!