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Blog Post Tuesday 27 June 2017

Winter energy saving tips: Click customer edition

Winter energy saving tips: Click customer edition

Winter is truly here and we all know what that means – shorter daylight hours and falling temperatures.

It also means we’ll be using more energy this season and our bills will be higher in the coming months. The main energy-draining culprits in winter is lighting as the sun sets around 4 hours earlier than summer, kitchen appliances to prepare warm meals and of course, home heating to keep us warm.

It seems that we can’t live without these conveniences – they’re so handy and keep us content on a miserably cold day. But they also come at a price, and winter bill shock is what most Australian households aren’t necessarily prepared for.

To help you understand and plan for the steep rise in your energy usage this winter, we asked our Click customers to write in with their own winter energy saving tips. We received some unique and handy tips, below are the best winter energy saving tips we received. Congratulations and thank you to our customers for contributing!

Embrace the fluffy dressing gown

Wearing my dressing gown over my clothes, helps to keep you warm. It's a neat trick I only recently discovered.

Kerry Muller, VIC

Cover cooling vents

We cover our cooling vents with a carpet off cut. This not only keeps the smoke smell out from log fire burners but it also keeps the heat in! Our thermostat is set at 19.

Rebecca Bendix, VIC

Use your clothes dryer as a heater

Use clothes dryer of an evening with door open helps to warm the air in my house

Carrissa Booth, VIC

Smart energy-saving technology

Use a plug-in thermostat or a wifi enabled switch on appliances without a timer. A Belkin wemo smart switch will let you turn the appliance off while you are out so that you can save energy.

Julie Zhou, VIC

The sun - our natural warmer

Open curtains and blinds on sunny days to let in solar heat in daytime and close all curtain and windows at night to trap heat in your home. Then lower thermostat and wear warmer clothing. Turn down the thermostat on the hot water.

Than Puii, VIC

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