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Blog Post Tuesday 15 December 2020

Ways to keep cool this summer

Ways to keep cool this summer

If you’re trying to avoid using the air conditioner and save money on your energy bills we have some tips to help keep your home cool and comfortable.

Reduce and reflect sunlight: Keep your place cooler by ensuring that you keep the sunlight out. It’s important to make sure you have closed your blinds before you head out for the day.

Close doors: If a room is cooler than the outdoor temperature be sure to close the doors. This will retain the colder room temperature for as long as possible.

Open windows at both ends of the house: By opening windows at both ends of the house, you let air move more freely throughout the house. This will help you improve the interior ventilation and create effective air flow.

Cook outside: The last thing you want to be doing on a scorching day is used the oven. Try grilling some veggies or your favourite protein on the bbq. This will help reduce the heat in your kitchen and create an alfresco treat.

Do you laundry and ironing at the coolest time of the day: Just like cooking in your kitchen, you can do this on the cooler parts of the day. This way, you won’t be adding to the warmth of your home’s interior. 

Unplug your devices: Try unplugging devices and appliances that you’re not using as they will be all creating some heat.  

Sleep on the first floor: If you have a double story house and the heat in your bedroom gets too much try sleeping in the cooler down stairs room.

Get creative in the kitchen: There are lots of fun gadgets that you can use to create delicious icy poles, tropical frozen yogurt or an indulgent iced coffee. These are the perfect pick me up during those hot days.

Hang out in the great outdoors: When it gets cooler in the evenings try heading to a park for a picnic or try setting up some beanbags or outdoor furniture in your backyard and create your own outdoor oasis.

Pop your air conditioner on a timer: We can get a bit comfortable with popping the air conditioner on and then letting it run for the evening. But the truth is, it can often be shut down hours before we normally do it. And this is especially true in the hot Australian summers when the temperature at night really drops when that big ol’ sun goes to bed. So set the timer to 7pm, and be proud you’re not only helping reduce emissions, you’re also saving lots on your next energy bill.  

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