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Blog Post Thursday 30 April 2020

Staying fit at home takes energy

Staying fit at home takes energy

Being at home has changed the way we do things, including trying to keep fit without leaving the house. With gyms and other fitness providers now offering workouts online or virtual one-on-one sessions over Zoom, home fitness is a cost and time effective option for many of us. This could be a blessing throughout winter when it gets harder to exercise outdoors.

But being in the home a lot more than normal means your energy usage will also be getting a workout. All the electronic devices such as the TV, treadmills, speakers to listen to your workout music and even charging your Fitbit uses electricity that will show up on your energy bill.

As essential as keeping fit and healthy is, don’t be put off using your home as a fitness studio. We’ll share some tips to help you reduce your home’s energy usage while keeping fit at home.


Use nature’s lighting and cooling

Working out first thing in the daylight hours is preferred by many and is a great way to start the day. Not only will you be rewarded with all the feel-good chemicals that boost your mood but it’s easy to commit to and done with before your busy day starts. The biggest benefit of course is you’re using natural lighting instead of electrical lighting at night.

 And while you’re working up a sweat, open a window rather than using the air conditioner or fan. It also makes sense to turn off any heating you may have on during this time. We don’t even need to mention how much you’ll save doing this. 


Turn your devices right off

So you’ve completed your morning workout with your favourite fitness YouTuber. You grab your water bottle and head over to the kitchen to make breakfast. Just don’t forget to switch off the lights and TV! Many households have a habit of leaving the TV on for ‘background noise’, but keep in mind that it takes electricity to power a huge LCD screen. Instead, listen to some music or the morning news on a small radio or WiFi speaker streamed from your phone. Not only will it save energy, it’ll sound better too.

Better yet, if you’re planning on buckling down to work and don’t intend to use the TV, treadmill, bike or room until after dinner, switch everything off at the wall. This saves on the consumption of standby power (also known as vampire power) which means electricity is still running through the plug just to keep your device on standby.

Consider implementing these home fitness energy saving tips and team those up with getting your home on a smart value electricity and gas plan for a healthier energy bill.

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