Click Energy is On Air

Blog Post Thursday 01 September 2016

Click Energy is On Air!

Click Energy is On Air!

If you live in NSW you might have heard a familiar voice on radio station 2UE!

Since 19 August, Click Energy CEO Dominic Drenen has been a regular guest of Matt Summerill on the 2UE Smart Shopper program, airing between 1-2pm every Friday.

If you missed the segment you can hear the interviews here:

Are you getting good value from your energy plan? Dom and Matt discuss the importance of usage and supply discounts.

Where is your discount? Dom and Matt have a chat about fixed benefit terms and the value of ongoing discounts.

Who are your energy culprits? Matt learns about the epic challenge of the Snowy River project for which we have to thank for our access to energy, and who are the home appliances who take advantage of this and use up the most energy!

Joel Gibson of One Big Switch steps in for Click CEO Dom Drenen in this week's Smart Shopper segment, and has a chat about the Big Energy switch offers for NSW cutsomers.

Winter is over... or is it? Matt Summerill asks Click Energy's CEO Dominic Drenen for energy saving tips this spring.

Did you just move into a house with solar panels? What does that mean for your energy bill? Click CEO Dom Drenen gives Matt Summerill the Solar 101.

How do you choose a solar plan? Dom and Matt talk about differences among solar customers and the best way to pick the right plan..