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Blog Post Monday 09 December 2019

Energy Saving Tips: Preparing Your Home for the Australian Summer

Energy Saving Tips: Preparing Your Home for the Australian Summer

In Australia, we put our clocks forward one hour in October, smack bang in the middle of Spring - our nation’s most glorious (and temperate) season. This is nature’s way of saying “Stay out! Stop hibernating! Go out after work for a ride, or head to a beer garden with friends”. 

It’s also in Spring that we start preparing ourselves for Summer. We think about new swimmers. We stock up on sunscreen - the Australian kind, designed with the highest UV protector on earth. And we might even book a little glamping getaway over Christmas. 

But take a moment to think about the needs of your house too. It has to withstand that ferocious Aussie summer sun. It can’t cover up with an ugly Christmas rashie. And it certainly can’t pack up for the weekend and head off for some glamping. So give your beloved home a break, and follow our energy saving tips for these hotter months. 

Pop your air conditioner on a timer

We can get a bit comfortable with popping the air conditioner on and then letting it run for the evening. But the truth is, it can often be shut down hours before we normally do it. And this is especially true in Spring when the temperature at night really drops when that big ol’ sun goes to bed. So set the timer to 7pm, and be proud you’re not only helping reduce emissions, you’re also saving lots on your next energy bill.  

Make sure you have adequate insulation

Ensuring that your home is properly insulated will go a long way to reducing the amount of energy needed to cool your home. If your home is lacking in adequate insulation, it’ll be a hotbox come summer! Good quality roof insulation is a must if you want to save on energy bills, while wall insulation will keep your house cool. 

Double glaze those windows

Are you sitting down? Because this next fact is rather shocking: up to 87% of heat gained in your home is through your windows. By investing in double glazing, you'll not only help to regulate the temperature within your home, you’ll save in energy costs, external noise is reduced, and you'll gain extra security and peace of mind.

Close off rooms that you're not using

Closing doors is a simple way to retain cool air and reduce costs and power consumption. It's also a good idea to shut off any air conditioning systems in the unused rooms, such as spare bedrooms, if your system allows you to do this.

Close up those heavy curtains during the day

We all love the airy feeling of light summer curtains but, when it comes to summer, heavy curtains are total champions at clocking out the heat. You could even consider adding linings to unlined curtains. When the temperature eases up in the evening, open them back up - right in time for a beautiful late Spring sunset.

Take it off

If you're feeling warm, consider taking off a layer of clothing rather than reaching for the air conditioning remote. Grab that Bonds singlet ladies and gentleman! 

Are you getting the best value for your electricity?

Now that winter is over, it's the perfect time to take a look at some of your regular expenses, and to make sure you’re on the right energy plan. Get in contact with Click Energy today.