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Blog Post Thursday 20 October 2016

NSW Solar Bonus Scheme

NSW Solar Bonus Scheme

There has been much discussion lately about the upcoming closure of the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme. What does this mean and how will it affect you? Below are answers to some of the questions we get asked most frequently.


What is the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme?

The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme (SBS) is a government scheme that provides customers with subsidies of either 60 cent per kWh or 20 cents per kWh (depending on when the customer signed up to the scheme originally)  for energy exported back to the grid from the customer’s solar unit.

The scheme is set to close on 31 December 2016 .


How do I know if I’m on the scheme? 

If you are a Click Energy customer, you will receive an email from us letting you know about the upcoming change and the options available to you.

The NSW Government will also be notifying eligible NSW solar customers by mail advising of the scheme’s closure. 

You can also find further eligibility critera here.  

I bought my property from someone who was on the scheme, am I eligible?

No, you must match both the name and property address in the original application to receive the bonus scheme

What happens when it ends?

After 31 December 2016, the customers on the scheme will no longer receive the government subsidy. However they will be eligible to receive retailer-funded feed in tariff.

What is a retailer-funded feed in tariff?

Separate from the government schemes, energy retailers have been offering additional feed in tariffs to their customers with solar meters.

Click Energy offers a choice of solar plans, in NSW the available feed-in-tariffs range from 6 to 10 cents.

This is not related to the Solar Bonus Schemes and is available to any customer with a solar meter.


Why is everyone talking about meters?

Many of the current meters in NSW are gross metering systems. This means that all the energy generated by your solar panels is exported to the grid (you become a mini power station), and all the electricity you use is bought from the grid at market rates.

Solar customers are encouraged to change to a net metering system. This means that the energy you generate is sent to your home, and anything you don’t use gets sold back to the grid. The rate you are paid for this is the Feed-In Tariff. 


What’s the real difference?

If your feed in tariff is lower than the price you pay for electricity, then it makes sense to change to net metering, you are more likely to be better off.


What happens if I don’t upgrade my meter?

Nothing. There are no penalties or disruptions for not changing your meter. However, if you are currently on the bonus scheme you may find that you will be paying more for your electricity come Jan 2017. 


If another retailer to replaces my meter, can I still switch to Click Energy?

Yes you can. However, depending on your current contract, your current retailer may impose termination fees or charges; no different to any energy customer switching between retailers.


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