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Blog Post Tuesday 18 February 2014

Moving Interstate and Crossing the Cultural Divide

Moving Interstate and Crossing the Cultural Divide

So you’re making the leap, jumping a border and moving interstate, like so many Australians before you. Whether you’re chasing the sun up north, moving to the big smoke of Sydney or just hopping the Murray from Albury to Wodonga, the logistics of heading across country are always intimidating.

But before you rush off to plan the next six months, hire a removalist, book your flights and host a garage sale, we recommend you do a little ‘cultural research’ on your soon-to-be home state.

A great place to start is with territorial slang, the local colloquialisms. What do South Australians wear to the beach? Togs? Swimmers? Cozzies? Bathers? Should you be ordering a potato cake at the fish and chip shop or a potato scallop? That special day of the week when you get to wear jeans to the office - is that free dress or mufti?

No one likes to be the new kid on the block, let alone the new kid on the state, so chat to your well-travelled friends and do the research. After all, if you want to make new friends you should probably learn the difference between strass, devon and fritz, bubblers and water fountains, pluggers and thongs, runners and jumpers, and stubbie holders and coolers.

Second on your cultural immersion experience; investigate the local area. Fire up Google maps, turn on street view and really scope everything out. If you’ve got kids, do the school enquiries early on and consider drop-off and public transport routes. Movers with pets, where are the dog-friendly beaches or open parklands?

If you are sticking with your current Internet or mobile network, it’s always a good idea to double-check their coverage. Sure, reception may have been perfect in suburban Fremantle, but the Blue Mountains may prove a little more difficult. Familiarising yourself with the local community prior to arriving will help ease those first-day nerves.

Thirdly, get to know the local sport. If you hail from Melbourne you would be forgiven for thinking the world revolves around AFL, however NSW folk have a real passion for rugby. To avoid uncomfortable dinner party chit-chat and awkward water-cooler conversation, it’s always handy to have a little state-specific sports trivia up your sleeve.

Finally, to keep any last-minute panic-attacks at bay, follow this checklist of oft-forgot moving home chores:

  • Home and contents insurance
  • Pay all water, gas and electricity bills
  • Redirect mail
  • Pick up vet and medical records
  • Chase up borrowed keys
  • Change address (ATO, electoral roll, license etc.)
  • Leave the garage door remote behind
  • Return library books

If you can check all these points, name your state’s capital city and describe the game-play difference between rugby union and rugby league, we think you’re ready to board the plane, pack the car or depart the dock. Happy moving!