Moving home tips : Click Customer edition

Blog Post Monday 20 February 2017

Moving home tips: Click Customer edition

Moving home tips: Click Customer edition

Moving can be a really exciting prospect, especially if it’s your dream home. But it’s safe to say packing and physically moving ones belongings is not many people’s favourite pastime – in fact, it’s downright distressing for some.

A smooth move is getting into your new home as quickly and efficiently as possible, right? We at Click Energy only move energy from home to home, so we’re by no means home moving specialists. Who is? Well, people just like you.

So we asked our customers to write in with their best tried-and-tested moving home tips and the response was amazing. We received some outstanding and unique hints. Below is a shortlist of the best entries we received. 

If you are moving house, talk to us - we make the moving process as painfree as possible!

The survival box

I have a "Survival Box" containing basic cleaning products, toilet paper, enough crockery/cutlery/glasses for each person, kettle and toaster, basic food (bread, butter, spreads, snacks), basic toiletries, baby wipes, a change of clothes or two, phone chargers, and anything else we feel we might need in the first days. This is the first box to get moved, and even if we can't unpack straight away, our "Survival Box" has everything we need. Rachel Tilleyshort, QLD

Honey, we forgot to pack the kids!

Moving when you have children can have its own set of issues. Children often don’t want to move as they like routine and are unsure of the unknown. If you get them involved in the process it can take this uncertainty out of the equation. Get them to pack their own box for the move, and pack this into your car on moving day. This could contain their favourite toys, books, games, bedroom items etc. so that they can unpack and feel right at home immediately. There’s nothing worse than getting to a new house and having to open all the boxes to find the night light they won’t sleep without. Harvinder Wahla, QLD

Notify billers of your change of address

Download to a spreadsheet, a 12 month period of financial statements of accounts you normally use, to pay your bills. Once downloaded, use the sort function on your spreadsheet and make a list of who to contact to change your address. Tick off as you contact debtors and creditors. Note time date and who you spoke to, to avoid miscellaneous negligent charges. Shereen Smith,  QLD

Wrap ‘n’ Pack

Save time both before and after the move by wrapping open storage items in Glad Wrap. For example, some bookcases can be carried without unloading its contents (DVDs, toys, etc.) Just plastic wrap it securely and voilà - Hassle free moving! Cutlery trays...Toilet roll holders... Laundry baskets... Glad Wrap will become your new best friend. Just be sure to get a ginormous industrial roll (available at places such as Officeworks and Costco) to keep things cost effective. Kara Meyers, QLD

Most important of all...

Set up and make your bed as soon as you arrive. After moving furniture and unpacking the last thing you want to do is make a bed. Beau Billet, VIC