How to Deal with the Stress of Moving

Blog Post Wednesday 12 February 2014

How to Deal with the Stress of Moving

How to Deal with the Stress of Moving

Moving home, it’s never easy. With kids, pets, anxious partners and pricey rental vans, bond contracts, lost boxes, keys and goodbyes all adding to the headache, it’s no wonder moving house ranks just below grief and divorce on the stress charts.

Whether you’ve just purchased your dream home or are moving out of lease necessity, the prospect of packing up and shipping off is daunting.

Here at Click we understand, we too have endured those coffee-fuelled all-nighters that come with rearranging one’s life. But luckily for you, and all the other movers and packers out there, we know a few trusty methods that can help manage that house hopping madness.

Map it out

The key to moving house is being organised, and what is more organised than a dedicated calendar? A whole life cannot be packed up in a week; it takes several months of preparation. Buy yourself a calendar and map out a moving timeline. Register all the key dates, such as when to call in the moving van, disconnect the electricity and book in that aromatherapy massage.

Pull in the favours

Remember the time you dog-sat for your best friend, or when you lent your sister the car for a weekend? Reign in those good deeds and trade them for a little moving muster, whether it’s packing, unpacking, lifting, cleaning, driving or babysitting, the more hands on deck, the easier your life will be.

Do the paperwork

One of the biggest grievances people have with moving house is dealing with household utility companies. As we know electricity, gas, water and, even internet, are all integral to running a home, but the fine print can be tricky. If you are sticking with your current electricity provider, make sure to advise them of your new address well ahead of time. If you’re going to be looking for a new energy company, remember to properly disconnect all utilities at your old residence.

Invest in a label maker

Disarray is guaranteed to send the heart rate sky-high, so stock up on stickers and triple label your moving boxes. A good idea is to firstly label the contents of the box, then the room that box is destined for and finally, clearly mark (in red!) if it’s fragile. This will not only save you time when unpacking, but will also make finding kids toys easier when the little ones refuse to go to bed on the first night in the new place.

Spring clean

Even if you’re moving in the middle of winter (which is never a good idea anyway, what are you thinking?), moving house is a great excuse to cleanse your life of unwanted junk. It will only result in less packing for you, so instead of dumping the entirety of the kitchen’s third drawer into a box, take a minute to decide how many spatulas you really need at the new pad.

Move mid-week

As the title suggests, the best time of week to move is a Tuesday or Wednesday, at the crack of dawn. Avoid the hectic weekend traffic and make use of lower rental van prices by scheduling your trip for hump-day.

Hire help

If you have the extra savings on hand, it can be a good idea to spend it on the professionals. Do your research and find a trusty, local service and book them in early. Make sure to be completely ready and waiting on their arrival, then sit back and delight in their efficiency.

Be normal

In the lead-up to the big move, maintaining your regular day-to-day routine can significantly alleviate stress levels. Try not to push yourself into staying up late if you’re naturally an early riser, it’ll only make you grumpy and more prone to anxiety. So if every Sunday we can normally find you down at the local café, head over and grab a croissant. Consider it doctor’s orders.

Say goodbye

Like the end of summer holidays, it’s healthy to take a little time out of the chaos to say goodbye to your favourite neighbourhood haunts. We have no advice on how to do this, it’s kind of personal.

Just remember, it’ll all be worth the hassle in the end. Just keep a cool head, a charged phone and spare roll of sticky-tape in your back pocket.