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Blog Post Wednesday 01 April 2020

Home awareness: getting to know your home

Home awareness: getting to know your home

Whether you work from home or spend time in it by yourself while you’re family’s at work and school, you probably tend to see it in a different light. With all this time to look around, you’re probably asking yourself new questions about being in your own home for a lot longer than you’re used to. 

Home Awareness

All of these questions lead into something we like to call Home Awareness. It’s the concept of being present in the surroundings of your home and seeing it in a different and more subjective manner. We momentarily forget the flurry of self-isolation, working from home, social distancing, how to get your hands on everyday supplies, your health and wellness, and you become aware of the very house you live in. You suddenly start to see its previously undetected intricacies.

Has the fridge always buzzed that loudly? Does the DVD player we haven’t used in 2 years really need to be plugged in? Should the gas hot water really need to be set that high?

And as your senses are heightened, your awareness flicks from one thing to another, just like scrolling through TV channels. Yes, the TV that’s always on in the background…

Review the things that add up

Let’s now turn your attention to how all these things could add up on your energy bill. With all this time in your home, take a walk around the house with this in mind: How could I reduce my bills and is my energy supplier even doing their best for me?

When you’re working from home, some bills will go down, such as parking, petrol, transport, dry cleaning and buying lunch and coffees. And some will go up, such as electricity, gas, water and internet usage. If you think that these cancelling each other out is OK, also consider that budgeting is a big outcome of home awareness. Now is the time to consider getting as many of your bills down as possible by reviewing your energy plan to see if you’re on the best deal. Because energy bills will always be there.

When you’ve had a look through your recent electricity bill, have a look at our plans and get a quote to see if we could help you save.