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Blog Post Wednesday 07 August 2019

Gas Ducted Heating Systems: Understand the Benefits and Running Costs

Gas Ducted Heating Systems: Understand the Benefits and Running Costs

If you've run the heater all winter and received a big power bill thanks to your heating costs, at some point you've probably wondered about cheaper heating options. Gas ducted heating systems are among the more cost-effective ways to heat your home. So what's a gas ducted heating system and why is natural gas a good way to heat your home?

Ducted heating: what is it?

Ducted heating is a type of centralised heating that uses sub-floor or ceiling ducts and room outlets. The heating unit can be electric or natural gas based, and it works by pulling air from inside your property, pushing it through the heater, warming it, and then pushing it back out into your rooms through a web of ducts. The result is gentle, steady streams of warm air.

The benefits of natural gas heating

Natural-gas-based heating systems, like gas ducted heating offer a number of great benefits.

  • Comfortable heat - In ducted heating, natural gas heating tends to perform better than electricity when it comes to heating. It's associated with a more comfortable heat that's instant and concentrated without dust, condensation, and draughts. This makes it great for families with health issues like allergies.
  • Controllable heat - Your heating ducts can be placed in strategic locations around the property, letting you heat the entire home from the one central unit. Depending on the system, you might be able zone your heating from a central controller so you're only heating specific rooms.
  • Whole-property heating - Instead of dealing with multiple portable heaters, you can rely on the single central heating unit. This way, you avoid having large cold spots around the house. Ducted systems are discreet, elegant, unobtrusive, and space efficient since they're built into the walls or ceilings.
  • Cost efficiency - Gas can be much cheaper than electricity, so heating your property with a gas ducted system might cost you far less than electrically powered heating. If you have a system that lets you zone your property so you heat only certain rooms, you can enjoy further energy and cost savings. Units that let you set heating programs to automatically switch off at certain times are also fantastic for saving on heating costs.
  • Instant warmth - Natural gas heating systems heat up as soon as they're switched on, without a lag time, so gas ducted heating offers quick efficient heating.
  • Environmental impact - Natural gas is easier on the environment compared to a lot of the other options you have. Natural gas production is far less polluting and water intensive than coal-fired power. Generating fewer carbon emissions than coal-based electrical heating - as much as 50% to 70% less - natural gas is a great choice for the environmentally conscious household.

Gas ducted vs reverse cycle

Reverse-cycle systems tend to lose efficiency during the colder days of the year, and they can "drop" in cold conditions. In contrast, gas ducted heating systems aren't affected by the weather outside. Your heating system stays efficient and powerful no matter what, saving you energy and costs and keeping your interiors comfortable at the same time.

Again, gas ducted heating offers a comfortable, more moist type of heating. In contrast, reverse-cycle systems (and other options like wood heating) create drier hot air. This can be irritating to the eyes, nose, and skin, and it could be a concern for people with allergies.

Generally reverse cycle systems are best suited to regions without major heating demand like eastern coastal areas of New South Wales and Queensland. However, note you can have both a reverse-cycle system for cooling and a gas ducted heating system for heating your house or property. Alternatively, you could have ducted gas heating with in-built reverse cycle cooling unit, and this dual unit could meet both heating and cooling needs.

Running costs: is ducted heating expensive?

Gas ducted heating tends to be among the more efficient options for heating the home, especially since gas is far cheaper than electricity. You might pay just over $1,000 a year to heat up a 170 square metre property with a 3.5 star energy rated gas ducted system. With a 5 star or 6 star system, you could end up paying a little less.

Choosing the right gas ducted unit is important, but so is using it right. How you use it will also help you save a lot on running costs. Zoning your home could deliver great cost savings on your gas bill. With a programmable unit, you can choose to heat only the areas you're using during the day. At night, you might heat only a few rooms - the bedrooms. This could save you hundreds of dollars each year on your gas ducted heating expenses.

Gas ducted heating systems can let you save more on your power bill while heating your home in a more comfortable, environmentally friendly way. These systems tend to be more powerful and consistent than reverse cycle systems, and the heated air can be less irritating. If you choose the right gas ducted heating system and use zoning to warm your property selectively, you could end up saving big on your gas bill.

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