Energy Saving Tips - The Click Energy Insider Edition

Blog Post Tuesday 21 July 2020

Energy Saving Tips - The Click Energy Insider Edition

Energy Saving Tips - The Click Energy Insider Edition

Hey Victoria, did you know we’re truly all in this together? Click Energy’s main office is in Melbourne, so while we’re back in lockdown, we’re also working from home, home-schooling and doing our bit to contain the spread. 

Keeping productive, keeping yourself and the family entertained and getting on with life might seem like a bit of a challenge at the best of times. And more importantly right now, we simply need to keep it together. 

But while we’re housebound, we also need to keep our energy usage in check, especially during winter. We get what you’re going through because we’re going through exactly the same thing. And because we are your energy, we know energy and know that no one wants high bills. 

We’ve collated some insider tips, straight from our Melbourne-based Click Energy team. Since we live and breathe energy, we know how to be mindful of excessive energy usage. Because just like you, we don’t like high bills either.

  • Shut down computers and screens at night. I have 2 computers and a screen running all day, so I make sure to switch them right off at night, not just leave them on standby. - Kane
  • Open blinds during the day. I have a big north-facing window in my dining window (my makeshift office), so I open the blinds to work with natural light. The sun on my back during the day also saves me on running the heater. - Emma
  • Hang your washing outside. Since I’m home during the day, I load the washer and dry them on the line outside. Working from home means that if it starts raining, I can quickly dash out and collect them. I use the dryer only when there is no break in rain clouds at all. - Hannette
  • Work outside. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space in the sun, head out there between 11am and 3pm. You won’t need a heater or light and you’ll get some much needed vitamin D. Don’t forget to have your laptop fully charged and don’t forget sunscreen. - Armin
  • Layer up. Don’t judge me, but I have been wearing my Uggs and snuggie most days and I have never been more comfortable while working. Better yet, that heater hasn’t been running all day. - Althea
  • Hand wash dishes as you go. Now that I am home a lot more I have been using a lot more dishes which I’ve been piling onto the sink, destined for the dishwasher. Admittedly, it took me a bit to change this habit, but now I’ve started washing dishes as I go. It doesn’t take long and gets me away from the screen for a few moments. - Jordyne
  • Reduce screen time. Go old school and turn off the computer and TV, pick up a book and read by lamp light. It’s a forgotten experience that reminds me of simpler times. What’s more valuable to me is that it’s reignited my love for reading. - Isaac 
  • Use your slow cooker. Since I am home more, I have been popping the slow cooker on in the morning and having delectable dinners ready by the time I clock off. Slow cookers cost less to run than an electric oven, are easy to clean and so easy to whip up delicious one pot wonders! Last night's wonder – lamb shanks! - Penny
  • Close doors. I know I sound like my mother, but she’s right. If you have the heater on, make sure you close any room that doesn't need heating. Your laundry, bathroom and powder room doesn’t need to be heated. - Sally
  • Turn unused appliances off standby. I know it might seem like the most repeated tip, but it really bears repeating. I just realised I’ve had my printer turned on and have only used it once in the past 3 months. I’ve unplugged it and will be replugging on an ‘as needed’ basis, because it all adds up. - Nathan
  • Keep those bathroom heat lamps off. I used to love standing under them while getting ready, but they chew power. By turning them off you’ll save energy and may even get ready faster. I know I have! - Michelle
  • Energy proof your home. We’ve taken this time to make our home more energy efficient with some easy DIY modifications. We’ve changed our light bulbs to LEDs, fit draft strips to our external doors and windows and the whole family has adapted to a lower heating setting. Not only have these fixes kept us occupied, but we feel better for it with the energy they’ll save us. - Alex
  • Be smart about your smart devices. I, like most people, have filled my home with smart devices. I used to keep my iPad on charge all the time when I was taking it on the road with me. Now, I charge it on an as-needed basis especially while I’m at home. Ask yourself, do you use it often? If not, does it really need to be plugged in right now? - Ripal
  • Cover air conditioning vents. We have ducted air conditioning which lets a draft in. We’ve shut the louvers and covered them. You don’t want a draft taking away from your heater’s hard work. - Tess
  • Boil the kettle only with enough water for your cuppa. I used to fill the kettle right up to make my tea. Then common sense prevailed - the more water in the kettle, the more energy it uses to reach boiling point. Now, not only will I be saving energy, I’ll also save time. - Ashok

Putting some or all of these into practice and changing some old habits will definitely get you on the right path to saving on your energy bills. From our team to your team at home, stay safe and see if you could save with a Click Energy plan. Get a quote and see how we compare!