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Blog Post Friday 23 September 2016

Energy saving tips - Spring

Energy saving tips - Spring


Finally! Winter is over -  What a relief! Or is it?

The transition from Winter to Spring is a time of great change - one minute it’s gorgeous sunshine and the next you think we’re back in mid winter again.

What does that mean for your energy use? We’re all keen to finally shut off the heating and save on our energy bills, but the weather won’t co-operate! So what should we do? Here are a few thoughts from to manage your energy savings... 

First and foremost is to make sure you are getting a good energy deal. But here are a few other tips you can consider:


Don’t pack away the woolies!

Last week we had a couple of really, really nice days and it’s tempting to think that winter is completely gone! Resist the urge to pack away the winter clothes and throw open the windows.

You know the nights still can get chilly, so pulling on a jumper in the evening or putting an extra blanket on the bed might work just as well as cranking the heater back up. 


Readjust your timers

If you have lights on timer switches, don’t forget the days are longer so you can delay switching them on and switch them off earlier.

Also, resist the urge to keep the heating on the whole time. With the longer daylight hours, the days warm up quicker. Use the timers to shorten the period your heating is on.  


Close the window

It’s tempting when it’s nice outside to throw open the windows and doors. Which you absolutely should and enjoy the fresh air. Just remember that it does cool down fast so close up when the sun starts dipping so you keep in the warmth of the day. 


Spring clean your energy plan

It’s always good to have a look at your energy plan, check that you’re getting the right value. Don’t be afraid to give your retailer a call and see if you are on the best plan.