Energy saving tips for working from home

Blog Post Friday 03 April 2020

Energy saving tips for working from home

Energy saving tips for working from home

Whether you’re a pro at productivity or easily distracted by your new work surroundings, you’re going to at some stage realise that working from home means that you’re paying for the power it takes for you to work. You’re in your own home for a lot longer than you’re used to and all of a sudden, the electricity it takes to power your laptop, monitor, lighting, speakers and coffee machine are all going to show up on your energy bill. 

We’ve collated a few working from home energy-saving tips to help you curb excessive energy usage and potentially avoid the bill shock that comes from working from home. 

Unplug unused rooms

This is something you may not have a chance to do when you’re normally rushing off to work. Make it a ‘starting work’ and ‘leaving work’ habit to switch off power points in the lounge room, bedrooms, laundry, even the garage. Leaving them switched on - even unused - will show up on your bill as standby power (also known as vampire power). This accounts for a staggering 5.9% of Australia’s total residential electricity use. So yes, even a small chore like this could save you money. 

These three culprits are the biggest suckers of vampire power, get to them first:

  1. Gaming consoles
  2. Washing machines
  3. Dishwashers

Use energy efficient equipment

We can only hope that if you had to go out and buy yourself a second monitor, you checked its energy rating. That’s right, even computer monitors are subject to national energy performance standards and are required to display an Energy Rating Label (the ones with the stars like we see on washing machines) at the point of sale. Of course the size and display technology all comes into play with energy consumption - smaller LCD and LED are more energy efficient. 

And don’t forget to plug these into an energy saving power-board which switches off the devices when the computer is turned off or when it goes into sleep mode, saving you energy and money.

Get on the right energy plan

This will benefit you not only when you’re working from home, but forevermore. When you put into practice all these working from home energy saving tips, team that up with a great value energy plan for more energy savings. 

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