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Blog Post Thursday 07 August 2014

Click Energy is 'Going the Extra Mile' for Solar Owners

Although we’ve always prided ourselves on being the energy retailer of choice for solar customers in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, it’s gratifying to be publically recognised for it.  

In an article recently published by the Climate Spectator, Click Energy was named as one of two retailers ‘going above and beyond’ for solar customers in Australia. The article’s premise surrounds the declining requirements, and desire, of retailers to pay for solar-generated electricity. With the removal of carbon tax from brown electricity prices, the discussion of going green and climate change is certainly topical.

The CS article is written after the release of a report penned by the Total Environment Centre (TEC), which lists the current government and retailer-funded feed-in tariffs for residential customers in each state:

Solar FiT table

Of all the retailers in this report, Click Energy’s offer is miles ahead. Our closest rival is AGL’s feed-in tariff in New South Wales, offering 8cents for their solar buyback rate.

TEC then goes on to say, “Even some solar-friendly retailers are making the switch difficult, by only offering generous export prices to customers who buy their solar systems.”  Sounds like a sneaky way to lock you into a contract. Luckily, at Click, we don’t believe in tying you down. We don’t sell you solar panels; we just help you make the most out the ones you have.

Click Energy’s CEO, Dominic Drenen, who you may recognise from several appearances on Channel 9 News discussing our solar proposition, says, “We think it’s important that solar customers have a choice. A choice of retailer and a choice of energy plan; all while lowering your electricity bill and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.”

Click is also looking forward to the updated article, in a few months’ time, when our new range of solar plans for New South Wales and Victoria are released. After the fantastic reception of our recently launched solar plans in Queensland, we can only expect a similar response across the eastern seaboard.

While naming and shaming isn’t a good look for us, you can find out the companies accused of ‘dudding’ solar owners by reading the full article here.