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Blog Post Friday 05 August 2016

Click Energy favours Electric Vehicle owners with a new energy plan

Australia’s first dedicated Electric Vehicle energy plan

Click Energy, Australia’s largest independent retailer, has done it again by being the first to launch an electricity plan designed with electric vehicle owners in mind.

Called Click EV, this plan is unique as it:

  • Does not single out the car - customers will not need a dedicated circuit to access these rates. This means that the entire household will enjoy the competitive rates, not just when charging the car.
  • The plan also differentiates itself from other residential energy plans in that it does not feature any conditional discounting. Instead Click Energy has simply lowered the usage rates outright for these customers.
  • Customers with solar meters will also be entitled to an additional retailer-funded Feed-In Tariff.

Says CEO Dominic Drenen: We have been following the growth of electric vehicle adoption in Australia with great interest and have felt that as these customers have different needs from our other customers, they deserve their own energy plan structure - one which is designed to provide convenience and great value.

The new Click EV plan is currently available in Victoria and New South Wales. More information can be found at

Click Energy introduces an Online Charge calculator:

In line with the launch of this plan, Click Energy has also built a “charge calculator” on the Click EV page. This allows customers to check the cost of charging their electric vehicle in their distributor zone. Customers can vary the quote based on the make and model of their car, and the distance they regularly drive.

Click Energy Charge Calculator

About Click Energy

Click Energy is an online energy retailer established in 2006, serving more than 135,000 customers in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. The company is unique in being the first energy supplier that operates completely online, hence lowering its operating costs and transferring those savings to their customers.

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