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Blog Post Wednesday 18 June 2014

Body Movin': Power House Mix Tape

So, you might have guessed it: the big theme of many of our recent blogs has been electricity in pop culture. We went to the movies, we flicked on the TV. Now we’re going to blast some epic tunes with our Electricity Mix Tape.

Now you might be about to hear some songs you think are about ‘love’ or ‘attraction’. But run these tunes past the earlobes of this energy provider, and all we hear are love song dedications to that physical phenomenon that turns the cogs on our daily life: electricity.

So pump up the volume and get your boogie on with some of our energy themed favourites.  

mix tape

Oasis - She’s Electric

From the seminal album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory, widely considered as the epitome of Britpop and generally one the best records of all time, She’s Electric is the ideal boppy number to open any mixtape.

We love it because while it may seem like the Gallagher brothers are crooning about a fascinating girl with a fascinating family, we know that when they ask She is electric, can I be electric too?, they’re actually just keen to switch to her energy retailer. 

Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder - Together in Electric Dreams

Featured on countless film and TV soundtracks, just about everyone has to know and love this song. If this one had been written today instead of the 80s, I’d be 100% sure this was about someone’s smart phone addiction. 

Kylie Minogue - Shocked

A bit of vintage Kylie to keep you moving. She may have been dazzled by the power of love, but given the chronic power outages that are plaguing the mansion in her music video, it looks to us as though Kylie needs to check in with her energy distributor’s faults line.

Icehouse – Electric Blue

Every mix tape needs some emotionally epic 80s pop. From Aussie home grown heroes Icehouse, Electric Blue is the perfect song for belting out in your car. Nothing will get you on your knees with an air-sax solo and considering a permed mullet than Electric Blue. It’s that epic. 

Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage 

Keeping the energy high so you can shake your groove thang, we’re going to Electric Six and their unique brand of disco-rock. With lines like Danger! Danger! High Voltage / When we touch, when we kiss this is basically a love letter from power distributors to the hoards of energy retailers out there.

Kanye West – All of the Lights

It’s clear from his video clip that Kanye digs electric lighting. This clip flicks the lights on and off so intensely that you’d think your primary school teacher was trying to calm down your classroom. So much so that it even comes with a warning from health body Epilepsy Action, so enjoy with caution.

Katy Perry - Electric Feel

Some people love her, some people can’t stand her. But whatever you think of Katy Perry, you have to give her snaps for an excellent cover of this MGMT hits. Mellow and funky, this song is the perfect chill out after all those high-energy tunes. 

Bonus track: Bette Midler - Wind Beneath My Wings

Here’s a bonus track dedicated to all those wind turbines out there. While traditional energy sources might be the main event right now, wind turbines are becoming more and more the wind beneath our energy generating wings. Kudos to you if you can get through this one without sobbing!

There are so many more songs we could have included, but honestly there’s just too many to choose from. What songs would be on your electric mix tape?