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Blog Post Friday 24 April 2020

Being energy smart when working from home

Being energy smart when working from home

If you’re running a full time business or setting up your side hustle from home, you may find the productivity dynamic a little unfamiliar. Not only may your home office be a quieter and comfortable environment, but you’re most likely more aware of things you probably took for granted when working from an office. Things like more home-made lunches, fewer colleague distractions and the absence of a huge multi-function printer may be some of the first things you notice about working from home.

Now we’ll turn your attention to being home all day, every day. Computers, monitors, speakers, TVs, lighting, kettles and heaters are certainly in use a whole lot more. Come energy bill time, these will be a stark reminder of the additional energy usage that comes with working from home. 

Here are a few ideas to help you save energy while working from home and remaining productive. Let’s show you how:

Put your computer on Energy Saving Mode 

When someone else is paying for your computer to run, you may not give much thought to how you could reduce its power consumption. Luckily, your computer’s operating system will have its own Energy/Power Settings.

Mac: Settings > Energy Saver

Windows: Settings > System > Power & sleep

Tinker with these with the goal of putting your computer to sleep during periods of inactivity. You should be able to adjust the sleep delay time. Make this as short as you can without it annoying you. 

Use natural lighting

While you may be used to working under the glare of fluorescent lighting (do a quick check - do you even know what kind of lighting your workplace has?) you may be tempted to flick on the home office lights and get to work. 

Instead, try this: Open the blinds and curtains and let mother nature’s lighting fill the room. 

When you’re so focused on your work, you’ll quickly become accustomed to natural light, and the way it changes throughout the day. It will also give you a good indication of what time of day it is, naturally helping your circadian rhythm. And hopefully your home office is a room with a view.

Review your energy plan

When you understand just how much energy you are using, you’re probably keen to do all you can to keep it contained. See even more working from home energy saving tips to help you navigate through this unprecedented experience. 

So in the time it takes you to head out for a mid-morning coffee, make a point to review the energy plan you have from your current supplier, and really focus on whether you’re on the best plan for your needs. Is their rate less than the government-set reference price? Is your plan conditional? Are there any exit fees? Are your rates low for usage and supply?

With all this information, consider implementing all these working from home energy saving tips and team those up with getting home on smart value electricity and gas plans for more bill savings.

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