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Blog Post Tuesday 31 March 2020

Bake More Cookies & Other Energy Saving Tips

Bake More Cookies & Other Energy Saving Tips

What comes to mind when you think of winter? Crisp, clear days with impossibly blue skies? Mugs of steaming hot chocolate? Warming roast dinners? Or that shaking fear that the toasty warm house is a prelude to a monster electricity bill?

Fortunately there are lots of ideas around to help you save on your energy bill. 

Here are a few of our current favourites:

TIP #1 - Fleece is your friend

We’ve all heard this one – “rug up and turn the thermostat down” – which is a great idea until you are immobilised under a bundle of heavy woollen garments and bulky corded sweaters. That’s where Fleece comes in – lightweight, fluffy-comfort (and machine washable), it’s even becoming vaguely fashionable these days and comes in black!

# TIP 2 - Bake more cookies

When the sun sets in the afternoon and the house starts getting chilly, instead of turning up the heating, it’s a good time to get some baking done! Put the oven on and whip up and easy batch of cookies. The smell of baking will draw everyone into the kitchen easily and then you can enjoy fresh baked goods around a warm oven!

# TIP 3 - Hit the (hot water) bottle

Perhaps Granny had a good idea after all. Instead of the electric blanket, fill a hot water bottle and put in your bed in the evening. By the time you climb under the doona the bed will be toasty and warm. Plus the next morning you can use the water in the garden. Those frost bitten plants will be grateful for the lukewarm treat!

Of course you can always have a chat with your energy retailer. Here at Click Energy we offer monthly billing - this way your bill load is spread across 3 months and helps you avoid the shock of a large winter bill. Check if you are on the best offer for your state. 

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