At Home Blog Roundup

Blog Post Friday 17 July 2020

At Home Blog Roundup

At Home Blog Roundup

As Melbourne goes back into lockdown, we revisit our very recent isolation experience and know exactly what to do - stay at home, keep socially distanced, keep our hands and surfaces clean and do our best to contain the COVID spread.

And we know exactly what you’re going through, because we’re going through it, too. Click Energy’s head office is in Melbourne, so we truly are all in this together. We’re all working from home, homeschooling and doing our bit to get back to normal life, just like you.

To some, this second round is a second chance to make the most of being around the home and getting to those odd jobs, fixes and other tasks. One of those tasks should be reviewing your energy bills. As we’re home a lot more and we’re using more energy especially during winter, so your usage during the last lockdown should have shown up on your bills by now. Shocked much? Think you need to make some changes?

If you didn’t get onto reviewing your usage last time, it’s not too late. We still have a bit of winter to go so we’re here to help by resharing our favourite energy saving blogs, which are just as relevant this time around.

Working from home heading into winter

If you’re working from home in winter, be mindful of all the extra energy you’ll be using. Energy usage rises during the cooler months, so be smart and avoid winter bill shock.

Bake More Cookies & other energy saving tips

What comes to mind when you think of winter? Warming roast dinners? Or that your toasty warm house is a prelude to a monster electricity bill?

Staying fit at home takes energy

As essential as keeping fit and healthy is, don’t be put off using your home as a fitness studio. We’ll share some tips to help you reduce your home’s energy usage while keeping fit at home.

Teaching Kids to Save Energy: 8 Fun Tips to Try

You can cut your family expenses by getting everyone involved in saving energy. It's also a great learning experience for kids and important now that they are home more than before. 

Saving Energy: Does It Help If You Turn Devices Off At the Wall?

If you're looking for one simple thing you can do to save on your power bill, here it is: switch off at the socket. 

How to Pay Less on Your Energy Bill This Winter

Learn how to balance comfort with your budget. Get started with these effective strategies for conserving energy without compromising on comfort.

Consider implementing these home energy saving tips and team those up with getting your home on a smart value electricity and gas plan that will help you through these tough times.