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Blog Post Monday 09 September 2019

11 Awesome Solar Powered Gadgets for the House and Garden

11 Awesome Solar Powered Gadgets for the House and Garden

Generating your own power with solar panels is a great way to save on energy, but have you also considered making your home and garden more energy efficient by using solar powered gadgets? Solar powered technology can make your life easier, keep you entertained, and support you and your family members in your everyday lives – without costing anything to run. Here we’ve listed some of the best solar powered gadgets to try for the home and garden.

1. Charger

You can be truly mobile with a solar powered charger that lets you run your power-hungry gadgets on the go, whether it’s your phone, tablet, laptop, or some other gadget. Ranging from compact phone chargers to portable power stations and generators with heavy-duty capacities, solar-based chargers are available to suit any electricity requirement. Some chargers come with window mounts for extra convenience, helping you capture sunlight even if you’re in the car.

2. External window blinds

Solar powered window blinds work like solar panels to harness the sun’s energy while cooling your home by providing shade for interiors. They’re designed to self-adjust according to the movement of the sun, allowing them to generate as much energy as possible. For instance, the smart guys at SolarGaps have created blinds which can generate up to 150 watts of power per square metre, which is enough to run 30 LED light bulbs. If you’re connected to the grid, you could sign up for an electricity plan with solar feed-in tariffs and sell any extra power generated by these blinds back to the grid. As with solar panels, you could also store excess energy for use later if you have a battery system.

3. Laptop bag

Worried about your laptop’s battery life? Worry no more with a solar powered laptop bag or backpack. You can charge your laptop, tablet, and phone on the go and keep your devices well protected at the same time. Solar powered laptop bags typically have integrated batteries so you can store unused power for when you need it. Look for a laptop bag with different types of charging ports to suit your needs, along with a removable solar panel for extra convenience.

4. Garden robot and lawn mower

Like the idea of a lush, green garden but can’t find the time for maintenance? A solar powered garden robot could be coming to market soon. This static robot will monitor your plants via a 360-degree camera and water them based on their individual needs. All you have to do is connect the robot to your water supply and Wi-Fi before entering plant details into the app. With a solar-powered motor, the garden robot won’t need battery charges or mains power. You could invest in a solar powered automatic lawnmower and know you’re doing a good by cutting down on emissions while cutting the grass.   

5. Solar oven

Enjoy cooking outside? You won’t need to bother with hot charcoal, grills, and gas canisters if you have a solar oven. You can set up an instant outdoor kitchen with this gadget and feel free to cook creatively with family and friends. These ovens might rely on solar panels to power the cooking plate or they might utilise reflectors to trap heat for cooking.

6. Speakers

Solar powered bluetooth speakers can play music for hours in between charges, and they’re highly portable, with no need for electrical cords. On a sunny day you can listen to your favourite playlist as you garden or relax by the pool – while recharging the speakers at the same time.

7. Wireless keyboard

Never again waste time on plugging in your computer keyboard or changing batteries with a solar powered wireless keyboard. These keyboards come with solar panels and they automatically recharge using sunlight or artificial light. One full recharge will keep you happily typing for up to three months – even if you work in total darkness.

8. Torch

A solar powered torch will come in handy the next time there’s a power outage. All you have to do is remember to keep the torch recharged by leaving it in full sun on a regular basis. Some solar torches come with an additional power option: a hand crank to let you generate extra power even if you’ve forgotten to charge the torch in sunlight.

9. Smartwatch

Invest in a solar powered smartwatch and you’ll never need to recharge or change your watch batteries again. As with other smartwatches, you can use these to track physical activity and monitor sleep patterns. These timepieces can get by with as little as one hour of daylight exposure.

10. Pathway bricks

Light up your garden pathways with solar powered brick paver lights. Offering an unusual and inventive way to illuminate your front and back yards, solar power pathway bricks usually run flush with the ground so they’re integrated into the pathway. Depending on the specific product, these types of bricks could stay on all night on a single day’s charge.

11. Outdoor lights

Outdoor and garden lights are probably one of the most popular ways to make use of solar energy in the garden. These features small solar panels and integrated batteries to power up the light bulbs at night. You can use these to light up pathways or surround pool areas and water features. Solar powered outdoor lights come in a huge variety of options. You can find peel-and-stick lights for driveways and dark corners and even security lights with in-built motion detectors.

Harnessing the energy of the sun with Click

These solar powered gadgets combine energy efficiency with convenience and innovative design. Whether you’re lighting up your garden or charging your devices on the goal, you can harness the free, abundant energy of the sun to go about your day. Conserving energy and installing solar panels are great ways to save electricity, but choosing solar powered gadgets, you’ll be saving even more on your power bills.

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