FAQ: Moving Home

I’m Moving Home. What do I do?

We can help! Let us know the details of your new property and your expected move in date, and we’ll look after the rest!

If your move in date is more than 2 business days away, you can arrange your move online or call us at 1300 669 432

If you are moving in less than 2 business days, you may require an urgent connection. Call us on 1300 669 432 and we’ll get this sorted.

How do I disconnect my old address?

If you are a Click Energy customer, we will arrange the disconnection for you. Just make sure you let us know when you are leaving your old property so we make sure your lights stay on until you are moved out.

If you are new to Click Energy (welcome aboard!), you will need to contact your previous provider and arrange a disconnection and final bill.

I qualify for an energy concession. Will I keep this when I move?

You will need to update the address on your concession card to match your new address.

Here are some useful links 


Department of Veteran Affairs


Moving is so stressful! Do you have any advice to make it easier?

Have a look at our moving house checklist - it’s helped many of our customers organise their move.