FAQ: About Energy Tariffs

Learn about energy tariffs and how to find which one you are on.


What is an energy tariff?

A tariff is the pricing structure for your energy plan. This includes your fixed charge (daily supply) as well as variable (usage) charges. There are a variety of tariff types in the market.
Some common tariffs include:
Single rate - you are charged the same rate throughout the year
Off peak - a different rate is charged during low usage periods (usually overnight). Note the peak/off peak hours may vary between distributors.
Time of use - different rates apply at different times of the day
Controlled load - A separate dedicated circuit for specific appliances (eg hot water heater) generally charged at lower rates as these appliances operate during off-peak hours. 

Can I choose my tariff?

This tariff is related to your meter set up and will differ within the distribution zones. 

How do I know what my tariff is?

The easiest way is to take a look at your last energy bill. 
eg. if you have a separate circuit for your water heater you are likely on a controlled load tariff
Your last bill should give you some clues as to what your tariff is likely to be.

What if I am still stuck?

Drop us an email at service@clickenergy.com.au including a copy of your last bill or give us a call at 
1800 775 929 and one of our team will be able to assist.