FAQ : amaysim acquires Click Energy

On Monday 10 April 2017, amaysim Australia Limited, Australia's fourth largest mobile services provider, announced it would acquire Click Energy Group holidings. Read the press release

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What does this mean for me/my Click Energy service?

There will be no changes to Click Energy. amaysim are acquiring Click because it is a successful, great value, customer focused, on-line only, energy company. They want to keep the Click's great value offers, experienced management team and Brand.

If nothing is going to change why did you need to sell the business?

We believe the Click Energy business is a great business and are not surprised that amaysim was interested in us. We also believe that having the ability to offer a range of different, simple great value services is something that will be helpful to our customers. As Click and amaysim combine their businesses we will be able to do just that. In time amaysim will be able to offer Click Energy’s great deals on energy and Click will be able to offer great deals on mobile and NBN. In this way both companies will continue to be the customer champions.

Who are amaysim?

amaysim are an Australian, ASX listed, technology lead mobile and NBN company. They are Australia’s fourth largest mobile service provider and are very much like Click Energy of the mobile and NBN world. They were set up in 2010 and like us they use technology to disrupt, but in the mobile and NBN markets, by offering great customer service, great value products that are simple to use with no lock in contracts. Since 2010 they have grown customer numbers to over 1 million representing over 600,000 households across Australia. 

Will Click Energy be able to offer me mobile and NBN deals?

For now there will be no change to Click Energy, our great value deals and products. In time we will be able to offer our customers combinations of great value mobile, NBN and energy products but as it stands it is very much business as usual at Click Energy.

When will Click Energy be able to offer me bundles of services?

It is very early days in terms of combining the Click Energy and amaysim product offerings. We will work hard to come up with the best possible bundled deals for our customers. We will take time to make sure we have the right mix of great value, simple to use products that work for and delight our customers. For now it is business as usual with no changes for our customers but we are aiming to be in a position to offer customers a bundled product offering by the second half of the 2018 financial year.

Will Click Energy start pestering me with mobile and NBN sales calls?

Not at all. Both Click Energy and amaysim share an absolute focus on having award winning customer service and that will not change. We will let you know about our great value deals and bundled services that can save you money, when they are available, but we will do so in a way that is helpful to you and consistent with the high levels of service we offer.