Energy Price Fact Sheet

Click ACN Sage Business

Customer Type Fuel Type Distributor Offer Type Contract Term Release Date Expiry Date
Small Business Electricity SA Power Networks Market Offer No Contract Term 3 December 2018 No contract exit fee
Click ACN Sage Business: Tariff - General Supply (BSR)
General Supply (BSR) (Offer ID: CLIACN 281SAP1498831200) Price (GST exclusive) Price (GST inclusive)
Usage 34.50 cents per kWh 37.95 cents per kWh
Daily Supply Charge 61.875 cents per day 68.063 cents per day
Click ACN Sage Business: Tariff - Time of Use (MB2R/QB2R)
Time of Use (MB2R/QB2R) (Offer ID: CLIACN 282SAP1498831200) Price (GST exclusive) Price (GST inclusive)
Peak (7am - 9pm Central Standard Time on business days) 35.925 cents per kWh 39.518 cents per kWh
Off Peak - All other times 29.775 cents per kWh 32.753 cents per kWh
Daily Supply Charge 61.875 cents per day 68.063 cents per day
Click ACN Sage Business: Tariff - Controlled Load (OPCL)
Controlled Load (OPCL) (Offer ID: CLIACN 283SAP1498831200) Price (GST exclusive) Price (GST inclusive)
Controlled Load usage 29.40 cents per kWh 32.34 cents per kWh
Daily supply charge:
a charge that applies for supplying electricity to your property for each day of the billing period, regardless of how much electricity you use.
a 'kWh' stands for kilowatt hour and is the unit of measurement for your electricity bill.

Electricity Offer Details

Price Variations
These business tariff(s) can change from time to time, if these do change you will be notified of the change and the effective date of variation on your next bill.
Connection Fee You will not be charged SA Power Networks "standard" connection fee unless your property is connected via On The Move. A "standard" connection fee is $40.48 (GST inclusive)
Disconnection Fee You will be charged SA Power Networks "standard" disconnection fee of $40.48 (GST inclusive), when you move out of your property. This fee is passed through from your electricity distributor and is not a Click Energy fee.
Reconnection Fee You will be charged SA Power Networks "standard" reconnection fee of $40.48 (GST inclusive)
Card Fee You will be charged a fee of 0.6% (GST inclusive) of the payment amount when paying your bill by card. This charge will appear on your next bill
Late Payment Fee You will be charged a late payment fee of $12.00 (amount not subject to GST) if your bill is not paid in full by the due date. This charge will appear on your next bill.
Non-standard SA Power Networks Fees For a full complete list of SA Power Networks fees, please call 13 12 61
Additonal Information
Depending on your meter type you will be billed monthly, either actual meter reads, or, an instalment amount of $400 (or as otherwise agreed) which is then reconciled against your actual or estimated usage every quarter. Please note a monthly billing option is not available for all meter configurations. See for further information.
Cooling Off Period Eligibility
10 business days This offer applies to a business customer in the SA Power Networks distribution area and may not be available on all metering configurations. Property must be main place of residence. Only one Click Energy solar plan applicable per property. Solar panel system must be no larger than 5kW.
Solar Feed-in Tariff Options
Group 1, 2 & 3 Feed-in Tariff plus Click Energy Bonus 10¢ FIT 54 cents per kWh exported
Group 5 Feed-in Tariff 10 cents per kWh exported
Terms and Conditions
For full terms and conditions visit or call Click Energy on 1800 775 929.

Contact details for offer enquiries

Retailer Address Phone Number Website
amaysim Energy Pty Ltd trading as Click Energy
Level 1, 90 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
1800 775 929

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