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Click Standing

Customer Type Fuel Type Distributor Offer Type Contract Term Release Date Expiry Date
Residential Natural Gas Australian Gas Networks Murray Valley (VIC) Standing Offer No Contract Term 1 January 2018 No contract exit fee
Click Standing: Tariff - Tariff V
Tariff V (Offer ID: CLI61315SR ) Price (GST exclusive) Price (GST inclusive)
Consumption of first 27.4 MJ per day 3.70 cents per MJ 4.07 cents per MJ
Consumption of next 21.9 MJ per day 3.20 cents per MJ 3.52 cents per MJ
Remaining consumption MJ per day 2.90 cents per MJ 3.19 cents per MJ
Daily Supply Charge 80.20 cents per day 88.22 cents per day
Daily supply charge:
a charge that applies for supplying gas to your property for each day of the billing period, regardless of how much gas you use.
a 'MJ' stands for megajoule and is the unit of measurement for your gas bill.

Natural Gas Offer Details

Price Variations
Prices for this offer cannot be varied more than once every six months. We will publish any variation in a newspaper 10 business days before it starts and details of the variation will be provided on your next bill.
Connection Fee You will not be charged Australian Gas Networks's "standard" connection fee unless your property is connected via On The Move. A "standard" connection fee is $10.12 (GST inclusive)
Disconnection Fee You will be charged Australian Gas Networks's "standard" disconnection fee of $10.12 (GST inclusive), when you move out of your property. This fee is passed through from your natural gas distributor and is not a Click Energy fee.
Reconnection Fee You will be charged Australian Gas Networks's "standard" reconnection fee of $10.12 (GST inclusive)
Card Fee You will be charged a fee of 0.6% (GST inclusive) of the payment amount when paying your bill by card. This charge will appear on your next bill
Non-standard Australian Gas Networks Fees For a full complete list of Australian Gas Networks's fees, please call 1300 001 001
Cooling Off Period Eligibility
10 business days This offer applies to a residential customer in the Australian Gas Networks Murray Valley (VIC) distribution area and may not be available on all metering configurations.
Terms and Conditions
For full terms and conditions visit or call Click Energy on 1800 775 929.
About this Document
This price and product information statement is presented in accordance with the requirements of the Essential Services Commission (ESC) - the independent regulator of the retail energy industry in Victoria. For information about choosing an energy retailer, visit

Contact details for offer enquiries

Retailer Address Phone Number Website
amaysim Energy Pty Ltd trading as Click Energy
Level 1, 90 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
1800 775 929