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Click Energy is one of the top electricity providers QLD.

Many people are on the hunt to find that perfect electricity provider with great pay on time discounts, no lock-in contracts or unfair exit fees.

We, here at Click, like to think of ourselves as one of those perfect electricity providers in QLD - our electricity rates are low, we don't believe in lock-in contracts and are against exit fees.

Out of all electricity providers in QLD and Brisbane, our customers enjoy some of the lowest prices in Queensland.

Every Click Energy plan comes with:

Pay on time discounts off usage & supply

Pay on time discounts off usage & supply

Get a generous discount off both usage and supply charges credited to your next bill when you're not already in credit and you pay on time, excludes final bill.

No lock-in contracts

No lock-in contracts

We don?t need to tie you down, our pay on time discounts and feed-in tariffs will earn our keep as your energy retailer of choice.

Award winning support

Award winning support

Need to talk to someone about your great new energy plan? Call our award winning customer service team and they?ll get you sorted.

Pay on time discounts that don't expire

Pay on time discounts that don't expire

There's no ticking timebomb with Click Energy. Your pay on time discount is valid for as long as you stay with us.

Click Energy is known for its competitive electricity plans among other electricity suppliers in QLD. The different energy plan options we offer cater for all needs and aim to provide the cheapest rate possible.

Whether you're seeking an energy plan for business use, solar power or electricity rates with the best pay on time discounts, we have you covered. While some electricity providers in QLD like to keep their pay on time discounts on the lower end, Click is all about big savings.

Some electricity providers in Brisbane like to charge you exit fees. We don't.

A few electricity providers in Brisbane and Queensland like to charge their customers exit fees when they decide to switch to another electricity provider.

Click Energy does not believe in exit fees. Contrary to many other electricity providers in Brisbane or QLD, we aim to keep electricity as simple and easy as possible, maybe even a bit of fun.

Exit fees and lock-in contracts would not help us in achieving this goal. So if you're after a Queensland electricity provider that will not make you pay for things you shouldn't have to, choose Click.

Out of all the electricity suppliers in QLD, we were the first to go completely online.

Another thing that sets us apart from all the other electricity suppliers in QLD is that we're operating completely online. Unlike traditional, you could even say old-fashioned, electricity suppliers in QLD, Click's home is on the Internet.

Us being online benefits our customers in many ways - not only do they get cheaper electricity than with most electricity suppliers in QLD, but also more convenient and faster customer service.

Click's customers can simply send us an email with no need to put everything else on hold and wait on the phone for a response.

Click is one of the top electricity providers in QLD. See which one of our electricity plans would be the perfect match for you.

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