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Looking for electricity providers in NSW? Look no further.

Click Energy is one the fastest growing electricity providers in NSW. Our customers benefit from affordable energy in NSW and Sydney. The also enjoy additional pay on time discounts and don’t have to suffer because of lock-in contracts or exit fees.

In short, other electricity providers in NSW are having a hard time keeping up. Why wouldn't you choose an online electricity supplier in NSW.

Out of all electricity suppliers in NSW, Click’s was the first to be 100% online.

Every Click Energy plan comes with:

Pay on time discounts off usage & supply

Pay on time discounts off usage & supply

With us, when you pay on time you get a generous discount off both usage and supply charges credited to your next bill, excludes final bill.

No lock-in contracts

No lock-in contracts

We don?t need to tie you down, our pay on time discounts and feed-in tariffs will earn our keep as your energy retailer of choice.

Award winning support

Award winning support

Need to talk to someone about your great new energy plan? Call our award winning customer service team and they?ll get you sorted.

Pay on time discounts that don't expire

Pay on time discounts that don't expire

There's no ticking timebomb with Click Energy. Your pay on time discount is valid for as long as you stay with us.

What makes Click so special is the fact that our operations are based completely in the online realm. Different to the other energy providers in NSW, Click saves a lot by not having to print paper bills and post them out.

Although we’re always going to be there for those NSW Click Energy customers who wish to call us, our quick and easy email service is something that really separates us from other electricity suppliers. There’s no need to wait on hold on the phone when you can simply email us!

Click Energy offers some of the best pay on time discounts in NSW.

While many customers of other electricity suppliers in NSW and elsewhere in Australia may think their electricity provider is the best they can do, our customers know better.

Click customers enjoy pay on time discounts off both the usage rates and supply charge, which makes us quite unique amongst electricity suppliers.

In fact, when compared with other electricity providers we have some of the most competitive solar feed-in tariffs in the country.

Convinced? See which one of our electricity plans would suit you the best.

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