Click Circle Terms and Conditions

Referring Customers


  1. Click Circle is a friends and family referral process program only.
  2. Click Circle is only available to residential customers who refer residential customers.
  3. Click Circle will pay you a $50 referral bonus for each person that you refer to Click Energy that becomes a Click Energy billable customer (Referral Bonus).
  4. Click Circle is not available to sales channel partners such as ACN, Amway, and Viridian.
  5. The Referral Bonus is payable only after the referred customer has successfully become a billable Click Energy customer
  6. The time for a person referred by you to become a Click Energy customer differs from state to state however on average this process takes approximately 45 business days.
  7. In order for you to receive the Referral Bonus the person you have referred must use your unique share link when signing up to become a Click Energy customer.
  8. If you make referrals while you are in the process of switching to Click Energy and then are unsuccessful in becoming a customer, you will be unable to receive any bill credits earned.
  9. The Referral Bonus is paid as a credit on your next bill after the referred customer becomes a Click Energy billable customer
  10. You must be a customer of Click Energy in order to receive the Referral Bonus.
  11. No Referral Bonus, or part thereof, can be exchanged for cash and can only be paid by a credit on your Click Energy bill.  


Referred Customers


  1. Any customers who switch to Click Energy through a Click Circle share link will be entitled to a $50 welcome bonus.
  2. The welcome bonus is paid as a $25 credit in your first Click Energy bill and $25 credit on the first Click Energy bill after 12 months.
  3. The bill credits are not exchangeable for cash.
  4. If you cease to be a Click Energy customer within 12 months after becoming a Click Energy customer, the balance of any credits in relation to the welcome bonus will be forfeited.