Smart Meters

Smart Meters

Back in 2004, the Essential Services Commission of Victoria (the people who regulate our utility services) announced that a decision had been made to introduce smart meters to 2.6 million electricity customers in Victoria.

What’s a Smart Meter?

Just like normal meters, smart meters measure and record how much electricity you use in your home or business. However, instead of someone coming round to read your meter, your smart meter can record your usage – down to 30 minute intervals - and send the information directly to your electricity distributor. Pretty handy, if you ask us!

Advantages of Smart Meters

Having detailed info about your electricity usage can be pretty handy. When you know where and how you use your electricity, you can start to find out ways to cut down on how much energy you use and therefore keep your bills down.

Find out more about Smart Meters

For more information on smart meters including how you can access the information about your electricity usage please visit the Victorian Government’s Department of State Development, Business and Innovation website.