Estimated Bills

You will receive an estimated bill if your meter was unable to be read. You can tell if your bill is an estimate by looking at the second page, under 'Reading Type' your bill will either say 'Actual', 'Estimated' or, 'Instalment'.

You can view how an estimate bill is calculated here.

Provided we receive an actual meter reading at your next scheduled meter reading date (which can be seen on the second page of your bill under the 'supply address' heading) your next bill will be an 'Actual'. If your estimate was too high you may receive a bill credit or a smaller than usual bill. If the estimate was too low and your actual bill is more expensive than usual please contact us to arrange payment options if needed.

What to-do?

Ensure there is clear access to your meter so that it can be read.

If your meter is hard to get to, email our customer service team and they can pass on any specific instructions needed to receive an actual reading.

You can also contact us and arrange a special read with an appointment time Note: This may come with a fee. Best thing to do is make sure there is clear access to your meter.

Self-Read Process

You are able to request a revised invoice based off of your own meter reading. If the estimate bill you received is close to your normal bill amount, it is recommended waiting for the next actual read to re-align your bills.

If you receive an estimate bill and you don't have a smart meter, and would like a revised bill, please follow the below steps;

  • Take a photo of your meter, clearly showing the meter display(s) (for all meters if you have more than one) including the meter dials and meter serial number.
  • Email with each photo together with your name, energy account number, and, the date you took the photo(s).

Our billing team will review your request and arrange to cancel your current bill and reissue you a new bill. Until we have processed your request and confirmed this with you in writing, your current bill (and due date) remains valid.