How discounts work

How discounts work

Have you just received your first Click Energy bill and think something is missing? Well, don't be alarmed, you haven't lost your pay on time discount, things just work a little differently here at Click Energy.

Firstly, the amount that is reflected on your bill is the amount that is due to be paid. As long as you receive email bills and pay this amount by the due date, you will be eligible for the pay on time discount offered in your electricity or gas plan^ (except on final bills).

The "pay on time discount" value is reflected in your bill as the "Click Energy online reward". When you pay by the due date, this amount will be credited into your next bill under the line item "Discount on electronic bill payment". If you do not pay your bill by the due date, you will not receive a Click Energy online reward credit on your next bill.

As you only earn a pay on time discount if you are making a payment, you will not earn a discount when your account is in credit and you have nothing to pay for that month

How Click Energy's pay on time discount works

Why do we do this?

Firstly, it's to make things easier by having just 1 amount on the bill (rather than reflect a discounted and non-discounted amount). Also it means that so long as you pay by the due date, you will always have a discount on your next bill to look forward to!

Instalment Billing & Pay on Time Discount

Where an analogue meter is installed, instalment billing is in place (NSW, QLD & SA). Instalment bills are used to avoid bill shock and to smoothen out bills.

  • Electricity meters are read manually, every 3 months. The instalment amount is usually $130 per month.
  • Gas meters are read manually, every second month (With the exception of NSW, read every 3 months). The instalment amount is usually $50 per month.

Your actual charge will depend on when your next scheduled distributor read is. Below are examples of what your Electricity and Gas pay on time discounts might look like in instalments:

Electricity example with a quarterly meter reading
How electricity instalments work
Gas example with a 2-month meter reading
How gas instalments work

Time of Use Meters

If you have a time of use meter, you will be billed once every 3 months. The pay on time discounts process works the same, in that if you pay on time, your pay on time discounts will appear in your next quarterly bill.

Final Bill

As your pay on time discount is credited to your next bill, your last bill is not eligible for any reward. If you are moving with Click, we can arrange for your credit to be applied to your new account.

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^Please note not all plans include a pay on time discount. If you are unsure what your current plan is, please contact us