High Bill Checklist

Is your energy bill higher than usual?

As with most things in life, energy bills can go up and down.

Usually, this is due to a change in the home, be it something new or a difference season. Have a look below at common reasons for higher than normal bills and see if they might apply to you.

'Tis The Season

Heating and cooling makes up a large percentage of most peoples energy usage, and because of this the season can directly impact your bill. Hot summer? Expect higher than normal electricity usage due to air-conditioning or fan usage. Chilly Winter? Gas and electricity usage will typically increase when its colder outside. Things like using lights and spending more time inside can also impact winter bills, due to shorter days and colder nights.

Relatives & Friends Visiting?

It makes sense that the more people in your house, the more energy that will be consumed. Things like more hot water being used, lights on in more rooms, and even running the kettle an extra few times a day will all impact your usage if more than a few days.

Home from School/Working from Home?

Usage of electricity and gas will increase when you or your family stay home more than usual. Is the bill for the school holiday period? Or have you had to work from home recently? When we spend more time in our houses we have to keep them at a comfortable temperature, well lit, and usually the TV or radio on in the background. An additional 8+ hours of active usage in the home can have big impact on your usage.

Changes to appliances?

If you’ve recently installed new appliances this can have an impact on your bill, especially if that is a second fridge or a TV or computer in a new room. More information on appliance consumption can be found at energyrating.gov.au.

What is a “normal” bill?

Sometimes bills are higher because they aren’t a ‘standard’ bill. See some examples below so you can check if your bill fits into this category;

Longer Billing Period

Most Energy bills are 30, 60, or 90 days depending on where you live and what type of energy you have connected. Sometimes however due any number of reasons bills can be issues for longer than normal periods. This could be just a few days or even in some cases extra weeks or months. Have a look at the number of days your bill is for by looking at the supply charge line item on your invoice, and compare this to a previous bill.

Estimated Meter Readings

There are instances where an actual meter reading isn’t possible. When this happens, your distributor makes an estimated reading based on your historical usage and sends that to us instead. This can be over or under and is usually made up for the next time we get an actual read. If you find you have an estimated read and would rather us re-bill you with an actual read, you can send us your own reading and we will generate a new bill for you. You can learn about self-reads here.

Balance Brought Forward

If you missed your last bill, or only made a partial payment, any balance owing would be carried over onto your next bill, increasing the total balance. If this is the case and you are having issues paying your bills in full, please get in touch with us so we can help you by setting up flexible payment options to keep you up to date and on track. We can do a health check of your account, and make sure you are not missing out on any discounts or government concessions. Contact us for more information