What we do

What do electricity retailers do?

As an electricity retailer, Click Energy buys electricity from energy producers and sells it to our customers through our electricity distributors. You could say we are the ‘face’ of electricity and we are your first point of contact if you want to discuss your energy needs.

Where do electricity retailers fit in?

Click Energy, and other energy retailers, act as the main point of contact for customers, between the electricity generators and the energy distributors. Click does not generate the electricity or distribute it to the customers, but acts as the official face of electricity that packages up the electricity into various attractive energy plans for customers.


What we do - Where do electricity retailers fit in What we do - Where do electricity retailers fit in

Do electricity retailers read the meters?

There’s some confusion around who reads the electricity meters. As an electricity retailer, we don’t read your meter. This is done by your distributor, who lets us know what the meter reading is so we can bill you accordingly.

What makes Click Energy different from the other electricity retailers?

So, we hear you asking, if all energy retailers buy and sell electricity, what makes us different from our competitors at Click Energy?

We’re glad you asked, because it gives us a chance to tell you about all the great added value we offer our customers!

Let’s start with our plans. We offer electricity and natural gas plans for both households and businesses which are tailored to your individual needs. Factors that affect the type of plan you have and how much you pay for your energy can include when you consume the most energy during the day, when you prefer to pay your bill, the type of deals you’re eligible to receive and so on.

If you have solar panels on your roof and are connected to the grid, we offer a range of different plans that feature market-leading solar feed-in tariffs (the price you receive for your excess electricity).

While we know that helping you reduce your energy bills is a big deal, we also know the kind of service you receive from us is also important to you. That’s why we’ve got a customer service team who are energy experts and are here to help you any time you need.

We make everything fast and easy for our customers including making it;

  • Easy to join or switch from another retailer - just give us your details online or by phone and it’s all done in five minutes flat.
  • Easy to move – tell us your new address three days before you move to a new house and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Easy to love – we have no lock-in contracts so you can leave any time you want, but we know you won’t want to.
  • Easy to contact – get in touch any time via our online query form, by email or by calling our Customer Service Centre.